Pressure Transducers



P2VA1 / P2VA2 – Pressure Transmitter for High Pressures

P2VA1 / P2VA2 is a pressure transmitter for high pressures with an integral, high-quality, low-noise amplifier, that also supports TEDS transducer identification. Similar to the P3MBP-BlueLine series, a monolithic, i.e., one-piece steel measuring body constitutes the core of the transducer.

There is therefore no weld seam or clamping point to the medium, which predestines it for heavily dynamic loading at maximum reliability and durability. Particularly at high pressures, this is very unique as it is often used to be necessary to replace the sensor technology after it had been in use for a long time.

In addition, the P2VA1 / P2VA2 transducer comes with a built-in high-grade low-noise amplifier. This amplifier also includes the TEDS transducer identification. Thus, the most important data is stored electronically in the transducer. The P2VA1 / P2VA2 is suitable for versatile applications, across the whole hydraulic range, as well as for gases.

It is used for the precise analysis of production processes, as well as for fast control loops, where even short pressure peaks are reliably mapped. The higher measuring ranges are designed for high pressure applications, such as internal high-pressure forming and water torches. The great accuracy of the P2VA1 / P2VA2 secures optimum workpiece quality, feed rates and seal wear for water torch equipment.

Transducer for
absolute pressure
Accuracy class [%]
0.2 (100 bar)
0.3 (200 – 7000 bar)
Service range [%]
Nominal temperature [°C ]