String (Draw Wire) Potentiometers

P-series Position Transducer

P-series Position Transducer

AMETEK RayelcoTM Position Transducers offer precise monitoring of a traveling element from 0-2″ through 0-2000″.

Accuracy is maintained on both extension and retraction, and the potentiometer can be excited with either AC or DC voltage up to 25 volts. Twenty seven (27) available models cover ranges of 0-2″ through 0-2000″.

• Standard Accuracy +0.1% FS*
• Ranges to 2000 inches
• “A” Circuit Output Equals Input
• Extra Long-Life Replaceable Cable
• Precision Hybrid or Wirewound Potentiometer
• All Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction

• Valve Position
• Animation Control
• Recycling Systems
• Forklift Positioning
• Metal Process Equipment
• Printing Press Operation