OptiMet: Optical Strain Gauge Chain

OptiMet-OMF Optical Fiber Chain

OptiMet-OMF Optical Fiber Chain

OptiMet-OMF for laboratory use

The OptiMet-OMF is a singlemode optical fiber with high performance ORMOCER® coating that ensures optimal strain transmission and enhanced stability over an extreme operating temperature range (-269 to 200°C).

It has 13 fiber Bragg gratings equally spaced by 60 cm for multipoint strain measurements. With an outstanding bending capability, it can be installed with bending radii up to 2.5 mm outside the grating area and up to 10 mm inside the grating area.

The OptiMet-OMF is delivered connected to a 1.5m pigtail with an FC/APC connector.