Rotary Position Sensors

NRH280DP Noncontact Rotary Hall Sensor

NRH280DP Noncontact Rotary Hall Sensor

Penny+Giles announces a new dual output, no-contact rotary position sensor with the slimmest low profile housing, using a factory programmable Hall effect sensor system.

NRH280DP has a co-moulded fully encapsulated sensor system that can withstand high shock and vibration as well as operate up to +170°C, and endure high pressure wash-downs (IP69K). The sensor is activated by a separate magnet with a choice of two carrier designs.

NRH280DP is designed for applications in extreme environments where space is limited. It also allows up to ±2mm radial offset, with a permissible gap 2-7mm between the sensor and magnet. The transmissive properties between the magnet and sensor also allow operation through non-magnetic materials.

Key Features
* NO-CONTACT technology with external position magnet
* Unlimited mechanical lifetime – WEAR FREE
* Will operate from -40 to +140°C, with excursions to +170°C
* Withstands high pressure wash-downs (IP69K)
* Simple mounting and extremely low profile (6.5mm) design
* Minimal weight
* 5Vdc or 9-30Vdc supply
* Analog (0.5 – 4.5 or 0.1 – 4.9Vdc) or Digital (PWM) outputs
* Measurement range from 0-20° to 0-360° in 1° increments
* 12 bit resolution (0.025%) over the angular range
* Extremely low signal noise level – less than 1mVrms
* Electrically interchangeable with potentiometers

***Only available for existing clients, no new customers***