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QuantumX MX238B Precision Measuring Amplifier

QuantumX MX238B Precision Measuring Amplifier

Precision module with accuracy of 25 ppm

Measurement signals need to be made available with increasing precision and, at the same time, with high stability to fully utilize the potential of static measurements in calibration tasks, The new compact QuantumX MX238B two-channel precision module with 0.0025 accuracy class (25 ppm) is ideal for highly precise measurements with full bridge strain gauge based transducers. At the same time, it is compact and small and thus suitable for on-site servicing. Patented HBM background calibration ensures uninterrupted measurement, even during the comparison with the internal calibration signal. Seamless integration with field buses or time synchronization with other systems via Ethernet PTPv2 allow for convenient integration with the cutting-edge QuantumX data acquisition system.In addition, HBM provides all the components required for setting up reference measurement chains: Reference transducers (torque, force, pressure), the QuantumX MX238B measuring amplifier and suitable catman software.

Highly precise

  • 2 full bridge strain gauge inputs with 25 ppm accuracy
  • Withstands interference such as electromagnetic radiation or temperature
  • Uninterrupted measurement due to patented background calibration

The ideal solution for challenging applications with high demands on precision


  • Reference measurement chains for force, torque and pressure
  • Small and portable for on-site servicing
  • For static and quasi-static measurements
  • Distributable, therefore requiring minimal wiring effort
  • Flexible parameterization

Many possible applications such as calibration and wind tunnels

Easy to integrate

  • Suitable for laboratories and portable use
  • TEDS support allows for quick and reliable handling of transducer data
  • Powerful software package including catman or driver for Visual Studio, .NET or LabVIEW

Can be synchronously expanded with all modules of the QuantumX series