Signal Conditioning

MP85A FASTpress Industrial Amplifier

MP85A FASTpress Industrial Amplifier

MP85A Process Controller: Full Evaluation of Press and Joining Processes with Immediate OK/not-OK Results

The MP85A FASTpress monitoring system acquires the signals of press and joining processes such as riveting, punching or press-fitting at up to 300 cycles per minute, and has a very high speed and 24 bit resolution. This industrial signal conditioner is ideal for production monitoring and end-of-line testing.

The MP85A FASTpress identifies problems in real time and allows for tool wear detection during operation due to its evaluation method which uses a tolerance band or up to nine tolerance windows that can be configured as required.

The 3-level FASTpress Suite Software, which includes PME Assistant, visualization and programming tools, is ideal for every application. MP85A FASTpress is also available as a switch version for haptic testing of switching elements.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.1
  • Fitting cycles: up to 300 per minute
  • Device interfaces: digital I/Os and fieldbus

Seamless Evaluation

  • Acquisition of two measured quantities in parallel using 2-channel evaluation (y/x, y/t)
  • Individually adjustable evaluation methods
  • Comprehensive control due to tolerance band, envelope curve, 9 tolerance windows, and limit value monitoring
  • Intelligent real-time data reduction
  • Up to 1,000 parameter sets that can be saved

Direct real-time evaluation for preventive maintenance with error evaluation.

Precise and Robust

  • High, 24-bit resolution for extreme precision in small partial load ranges
  • Good EMC for harsh conditions
  • Fast integration with TEDS modules
  • Two universal inputs for half and full bridge strain gauges, counters and SSI rotary encoders; configurable by software

Precise measurement results due to high resolution and interference immunity

Optimum Software Package

  • Highly flexible software package with 3-level system for industrial use
  • Parameterization using free PME assistant
  • Plug-ins adaptable to individual applications
  • Storage of OK/NOK process data in different data formats (ASCII, Q-DAS, IPM) via Ethernet or internal memory card

Perfect software solution for many applications with 3-level system for individual configuration

Different versions available

  • MP85A FASTpress for press fit control
  • MP85A EasySwitch for switch testing
  • ePlan Macros available
  • Display terminals on request