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MP2000 Digital Indicator

MP2000 Digital Indicator

The Measurement Specialties microprocessor based LVDT indicator and set-point controller is designed for industrial and process control applications utilizing any LVDT/RVDT-based measurement device. In addition to displaying real-time readings of LVDTs, RVDTs and gage heads, the MP2000 also displays MIN, MAX, TIR, A+B and A-B values. Programmable, opto-isolated, open collector set points may be assigned to any of the above functions. A 17-bit analog-to-digital converter provides excellent performance and resolution. A new standard 9- pin RS-232 pin- out provides serial data output to a PLC or PC com port. MP Series readout/ controllers are packaged in a 1/4 DIN aluminum case with a EL back-lit, bit-mapped LCD display. (Units are splash-proof when mounted with a gasket.)


• New Larger 10 mm High Display Characters
• New Software Set-Up Menu (no dip switches)
• New Standard 9-Pin RS-232 Connector
• Greatly Enhanced Long-Term Reliability
• More Rugged Power Supply Connector
• Two Channels for the Price of One


• Relay Option Board
• Lab Stand / Bench Mount
• Rack Adapter, holds Up to Four MP Series Readout/Controllers