MLS130 Linear Potentiometer

MLS130 Linear Potentiometer

Responding to customer demand, Penny + Giles has developed this competitively priced linear position sensor for the motorsport industry.

Available in eight stroke lengths from 25 to 200mm, the MLS130 is sealed to IP66, and is supplied ready fitted with a DR25 sheathed, 3-core cable integrally moulded into the sensor. This eliminates the need for users to fit ‘heat-shrink’ over-sleeving more commonly required on other sensors.

A choice of three mountings are available, including M5 metal rod-end bearings at both ends of the sensor. An auxiliary protective sleeve can also be supplied that allows the sensor to endure multiple race use in all weather conditions.

The MLS130 uses the proven hybrid track technology, which provides virtually infinite resolution and a long track life. This high reliability absolute position sensor reduces the need for regular maintenance and re-calibration, with no loss of position information in the event of a system power loss.