Motion & Motor Controllers

MicroSpeed 196 Controller

MicroSpeed 196 Controller

The Industry Preferred Standard for Use in Closed Loop Master/Follower Motor Drive Systems for Improving the Performance of AC and DC Drives.

The MicroSpeed 196 is a closed-loop velocity controller designed for use with AC and DC vairable speed drives of any horsepower. The Microspeed 196 can be used as a stand alone controller regulating a single motor to .01% , or as a follower in more complex multi-motor systems. An eight character alphanumeric display provides the operator with plain English prompts making operation and programming simple and user friendly. An auxiliary or trim input is also available for applications that require an input such as a load cell or dancer arm to influence the setpoint or ratio.

Electro-Sensors, Inc. provides only the motor controllers and feedback devices (ring kits or rotary shaft encoders) and is not responsible for the selection of motors and drive equipment. Electro-Sensors, Inc. does not provide systems design, integration, or installation services. Contact your local systems integrator or electrical contractor for these services. Proper installation of Electro-Sensors, Inc. equipment is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and is in no way guaranteed by Electro-Sensors, Inc.

* .01% Speed Regulation in Master Mode
* Zero Cumulative Error in Follower Mode
* 4-Programmable Setpoints in Master Mode
* 4-Programmable Ratios in Follower Mode
* Isolated Drive Reference Voltage
* 8-Character Alpha-Numeric Display to Simplify Setup and Operation
* Selectable Lockout of Front Panel Function Keys
* 6 Status and Alarm Outputs
* Incremental Speed Adjustment for Operator Control
* Diagnostics for Easy Troubleshooting
* DIN Standard Steel Enclosure
* RS 422 Computer Interface
* Optional PC Control and Monitoring Software

Noise Immunity Engineering Features:
* Optical Isolation of All Inputs and Outputs
* Steel Enclosure for EMF Protection
* 4-Layer Printed Circuit Boards
* Custom Designed Shielded Transformer
* AC Power Filtering