Speed Measurement

M100 & M5000 Miniature Speed Switches

M100 & M5000 Miniature Speed Switches

M-Series Miniature Speed Switches are complete rotation monitoring systems ideal for detecting unwanted slow down or stoppage of process equipment. The M100 has a relay setpoint range of between 10RPM and 100RPM. The M5000 has a relay setpoint range of between 100RPM and 5000RPM. This range is where the relay can be set to trip – both switches have the same operating range.

These systems are commonly used to monitor drive trains, power driven components, crushers, exhaust fans, screw conveyors, or tail pulleys on belt conveyors and elevators. In the event of rotational failure, such as broken drives, belt slippage, product overloads, clogs and jams, the SPDT 5-Amp control relay can be used to provide equipment shut down and/or alarm. This detection of a developing problem enables proactive maintenance to prevent equipment damage, product waste, and excessive down time. Electro-Sensors rugged and reliable switches are the simple way to prevent machine damage, product waste, and costly downtime.

* Compact, self-contained rotation monitoring system
* Easy installation and calibration
* Rugged system is dust, dirt, and greaseproof
* Explosionproof cast aluminum housing
* ETL approved to applicable UL & CSA standards
* Fail-safe operation
* Optional EZ-100 easy mount bracket & Disc Guard available
* Optional split collar pulser wraps available
* 115vac, 50-60Hz only

* Standard systems: M100 Speed Switch 115vac and 255 Pulser Disc
* M5000 Speed Switch 115vac and 256 Pulser Disc