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M-Series® 7500P

M-Series® 7500P

The 7500P Mag Meter is a successful combination of the most advanced electromagnetic flow metering technology with the simplicity and ruggedness of proven batching systems for
industrial applications.

Based on Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic induction, the 7500P Mag Meter can accurately measure and control most of the batching needs in the industrial market. The completely open
cross-section flow tube design with no moving parts makes this meter the ideal device for batching of a wide range of industrial fluids including concrete process water applications.

Where other metering technologies fail due to the presence of solids in suspension in the process water, the 7500P is designed to
perform for many years of trouble-free operation with an accuracy of ±0.5% or better.

The built-in Pulse Scaler features easy-to-use rotary switches for batch accuracy compensation, making the 7500P the most
straightforward metering system available in the industry.

Unaffected by the presence of most suspended solids in the liquid.
• Open cross-section design: no pressure loss, no moving parts, no maintenance required.
• Pulsed DC magnetic field for maximum zero point stability.
• Rugged, Surface Mount technology electronics for reliable, long life operation.
• NEMA 4 standard enclosure.
• Two standard pulse outputs: solid state relay and open collector output, compatible with most of existing Batch Controllers and/or Totalizer Displays.
• Standard ±0.5% of rate accuracy.
• ±0.2% repeatability.
• Built-in rotary switches for easy batch accuracy compensation.