Pressure Sensors & Transmitters

LTR Level Transducer

LTR Level Transducer

The LTR Level Transducer is a ruggedized submersible hydrostatic level transducer specifically designed to meet the rigorous environments encountered in wastewater and liquid level measurements and control.

Submersible Level Transducer
* Municipal and Industrial Applications
* Wide Mouth Non-fouling, Heavy-duty Protective Cage
* 2.75” PTFE Flexible Diaphragm

* 0.25% FSO Accuracy
* Welded 316 Stainless Steel Enclosure
* One Year Warranty
* Pre-calibrated Pressure Ranges Optional
* Two Year Warranty
* Custom Pressure Ranges
* Intrinsically Safe
* Lightning Protection

* Lift Station Monitoring
* Pump Control
* Slurry Tank Liquid Level
* Wastewater standard pressure ranges