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LDS V984  High-Force Shaker

LDS V984 High-Force Shaker

This shaker has been used in durability and reliability tests of some of the most sophisticated products and applications, such as telecommunication and satellite systems, combined space simulation gear, electronic assemblies, and mechanical components for commercial and defence aircraft. Powerful and sturdy, LDS® V984 is built for high-frequency, high-force vibration and shock testing. It may be set up in single- or multi-shaker arrangements.


  • Three-axis testing of complete satellite systems
  • Durability testing of avionics and military hardware
  • Structural dynamics testing, including SRS analysis, Test-FEA integration, and classical and operational modal analyses
  • Testing in cleanrooms and controlled environments, such as space test facilities
  • Tests involving hazardous materials, including transport simulation
  • Multi-shaker, multi-axis applications, such as satellite and rocket testing


The V984 model combines the industry’s most advanced armature design and a closed-loop water-cooling system to deliver excellent acceleration and velocity. Its unique armature suspension provides cross-axial support and precise control of rotational movements, while the water-cooled coil mechanism offers exceptional low-frequency performance with relatively modest amplifier output.

Like the rest of the LDS® V900 series, this is a water-cooled shaker and thus appropriate for cleanrooms and other controlled settings, including where hazardous materials are tested. This feature also results in lower running costs, as the closed-loop cooling mechanism reduces water losses and eliminates the need for expensive air conditioning.

Suitable for operation in a wide range of humidity and temperature conditions, the V984 shaker has a hermetically sealed and pressurized body to shield its interior from moisture, foreign particles, and other contaminants that could cause malfunctions and delays. This increases efficiency and dependability and also protects the load support system, thus ensuring that the shaker can securely hold large payloads.

The standard mounting for V984 consists of a trunnion equipped with LDS® Lin-E-Air suspension that isolates the shaker from the ground, reducing vibration in the surrounding environment and allowing operation at low frequencies with minimal seismic interference on test results.


With an armature diameter of 591 mm (23.27 in), the shaker offers ample load-mounting surface and optional guided head expanders can be added so that payloads with offset centres of gravity are adequately fastened for testing.

Pairing the shaker with one of our slip tables extends the system’s capabilities, as it enables testing in the horizontal axis. Thermal barriers, to protect the shaker against high temperatures during environmental tests, are also available as an option.


Sine force peak: 160.1 kN

Max random force RMS: 160.1 kN

Max acceleration sine peak: 100 g

Velocity sine peak: 2.0 m/s

Displacement continous pk-pk: 38 mm

Moving element mass: 130.2 kg

Usable frequency range: DC – 1.7 kHz