LDS Shaker Systems

LDS V9  High-Force Shaker

LDS V9 High-Force Shaker

LDS® V9 is the preferred choice within the aviation, aerospace & defence, automotive, and packaging and transport industries, where strict standards and tight deadlines call for aggressive and vigorous testing. Designed for extended vibration tests, this versatile shaker is capable of imparting high sine and random forces for long, continuous periods. It is also suitable for low-frequency and shock pulse tests.


  • Testing of space vehicles and instrumentation, including satellites, and telescope and telecommunication components
  • High-force, long-duration testing of automotive components, such as engines, cooling and exhaust systems, and battery assemblies for electric vehicles
  • Durability testing of aeronautics and defence hardware, including avionics, undercarriage components and aircraft engine subassemblies
  • Testing to military and other standards, including MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, RTCA/DO-160, DEF STAN 00-35 and DEF STAN 59-411
  • Low-frequency and shock pulse testing, such as ballistic shock, pothole impact simulation, and payload handling tests
  • Product and package testing, including consumer products in transport boxes and packaging of delicate instrumentation


Featuring market-leading specifications to simultaneously deliver maximum force, velocity and displacement, V9 is proven to take on any test – from extreme testing where large automobile and aeroplane subassemblies are exhausted and literally broken, to testing of delicate components for aerospace engineering.

Sturdy and dependable, it has been specifically built for testing heavy loads at high force levels for prolonged periods, thus minimizing the risk of failure and downtime and reducing test times and expenses.

Thanks to its water-cooled design, V9 is able to withstand continuous 24/7 operation without overheating. This feature also makes it suitable for cleanrooms and other controlled environments, as well as for testing where air circulation is undesirable.

As standard, the shaker comes mounted on a trunnion fitted with LDS® Lin-E-Air suspension system, which isolates the floor from vibration and allows low-frequency operation at full displacement.


V9 can be tailored to meet your exact needs. It can be configured into multiple-shaker arrangements – such as the dual and quad V9 systems, which have been used for testing articles under near-vacuum conditions and for transport simulation applications, respectively.

Moreover, the shaker can be paired with a selection of optional slip tables to enable testing in the horizontal axis. Head expanders, to increase the mounting surface and comfortably accommodate larger devices for testing, can also be added as a choice.

Compatible with AGREE chambers, V9 can be integrated with other equipment for performing environmental tests, including Combined Environmental Reliability Testing (CERT). Thermal barriers, available as an option, protect the shaker when operating at high temperatures.

Sine force peak: 105 kN

Max random force RMS: 105 kN

Max acceleration sine peak: 150 g

Velocity sine peak: 3.0 m/s

Displacement continous pk-pk: 76 mm

Moving element mass: 49.8 kg

Usable frequency range: DC – 2.7 kHz