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LDS V406  Permanent Magnet Shaker

LDS V406 Permanent Magnet Shaker

Although used in industry for general vibration tests, these shakers are commonly found in universities and research facilities. They combine a wide frequency band and top sine forces, which makes them suitable for a variety of applications: from fatigue and resonance testing of small electronics to studying of biomedical materials and devices. They can also be used as non-seismic pickups, velocity transducers and high-speed actuators.


  • Modal and structural analyses, including civil engineering applications like testing of bridges and other edifices
  • Vibration screening of small components and testing of electronic assemblies, such as mobile phones
  • Laboratory experiments, like separation and compacting of powders
  • Testing of medical devices and materials
  • Fatigue and resonance testing, including material testing of parts
  • Used as velocity transducers or high-speed actuators for accelerometer calibration, and machinery condition monitoring and vibration measurement


Versatile and dependable, LDS® V406 shakers have been specifically designed to offer maximized performance. They feature a usable frequency range from 5 to 9000 Hz and, when supplied as standard, have a nominal peak sine rating of 98 N (22 lbf). However, if paired with the recommended LDS® PA500Lamplifier and cooled by an external fan, they are capable of producing a sine vector force of 196 N (44 lbf). 

In addition to armature diameters of 38 mm (1.5 in), these shakers incorporate a robust-yet-lightweight moving armature that provides adequate support for test loads without undermining force capability. Two laminated-fibre flexures are bonded to the armature to afford it with axial support and to enhance lateral and rotational restraints.

Typically, the V406 shakers come base-mounted but trunnion mounting is also available upon request. Moreover, an auxiliary suspension unit can be added as an option for applications where large, spring-mounted structures, for example, an automobile chassis, must undergo vibration screening. This allows the shaker to hang vertically from the device under test, virtually increasing payload capacity. Contrary to normal operation, in which the armature reciprocates in relation to a fixed body, the auxiliary suspension enables the obverse movement.

Although external cooling is not necessarily required for the V406 models, adding an optional remote fan unit, which cools the shakers with forced air, enables peak rating performance. The shakers can be driven by compact, quiet and energy-efficient amplifiers such as the LDS® LPA100 where no fan is required, or the LDS® LPA600 where a fan is required.  They are compatible with LDS® COMETUSB and LASERUSB vibration controllers, as well as with third-party control systems.

Sine force peak: 196 N

Max. random force RMS: 89 N

Max acceleration sine peak: 100 g

Velocity sine peak: 1.78 m/s

Displacement continuous pk-pk: 17.6 mm

Moving element mass: 0.20 kg

Usable frequency range: 5 Hz – 9 kHz