Shakers & Exciters

LDS V101  Permanent Magnet Shaker

LDS V101 Permanent Magnet Shaker

These miniature shakers, or vibration generators, have been designed to reproduce a vibration environment under controlled conditions. Although employed in industry, they are also widely used in educational and research institutions to study the dynamic behaviour of structures and materials. They are suitable for a variety of applications, ranging from laboratory testing of medical devices and materials to fatigue and resonance tests, as well as for use as non-seismic pickups, velocity transducers, or high-speed actuators.


  • Modal and structural analyses, including civil engineering applications like the testing of bridges and other edifices
  • Vibration screening of small components and testing of electronic assemblies, such as mobile phones
  • Laboratory experiments and bench-top testing, such as separation and compacting of powders
  • Testing of medical devices and materials
  • General material testing for fatigue and resonance
  • Used as velocity transducers or high-speed actuators for accelerometer calibration, and machinery condition monitoring and vibration measurement


LDS® V101 shakers are dependable, economical and easy to operate. Their fabrication has been optimized to enable them to deliver impressive peak forces and accelerations over a wide frequency range (5 – 12,000 Hz).

Capable of imparting sine forces up to 8.9 N (2 lbf) and reaching maximum accelerations of 140 g, they feature a sturdy and lightweight moving armature specifically built to provide adequate support for test loads without undermining force capability.

These palm-sized shakers are base-mounted and can be driven by compact, quiet, energy-efficient amplifiers, such as the LDS® LPA100. They are compatible with the LDS® COMETUSBand LASERUSB vibration controllers, as well as with third-party control systems.



Sine force peak: 8.9

Max. random force RMS: N/A

Max acceleration sine peak: 140 g

Velocity sine peak: 1.31 m/s

Displacement continuous pk-pk: 2.5 mm

Moving element mass: 0.0065 kg

Usable frequency range: 5 Hz – 12 kHz