Force Balanced

LCF-200 Accelerometer

LCF-200 Accelerometer

The Jewell LCF Series Accelerometer is a ±0.5G to ±5G device designed for applications where high levels of shock and vibration are present. LCF units are characterized by excellent turn on repeatability and very low hysteresis.

Features & Benefits

  • ±0.5g to ± 5.0g Full Range
  • Filtering 5 to 100 Hz Bandwidth
  • Exceptional Bias & Scale Factor
  • High Level ± Vdc Output
  • 1,500g Shock Capability


  • Geophysical Testing
  • Railcar Acceleration Control
  • Railcar Deceleration Control
  • Ocean Buoy Acel Sensing
  • Aircraft Stability Control
  • Aircraft Flight Testing
  • Vehicle Roadway Profiling