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LCA-100 Accelerometer

LCA-100 Accelerometer

The JEWELL LCA-100 Series accelerometer is a 0.5G to 5G-range sensing pivot and jewel device that meets the demands of many applications. Suspension technology and bandwidths of 60Hz to 250Hz make the LCA-100 popular for a variety of military, commercial and aerospace sensing applications. A wide range of options and our application engineering expertise are used to design modified versions of the LCA-100 rounding out this unit’s general appeal.

Features & Benefits

  • Filtering Available
  • Available in 28V Aircraft Input
  • Connector or Pin Configuration
  • 0.20% 10-year Scale Factor Stability
  • Wide Bandwidths for Higher Range Applications


  • Aircraft Flight Controls
  • Aircraft Fatigue Monitoring
  • Train Performance Testing
  • Aircraft Autopilot System Input
  • Aircraft Winds-shear Detection
  • Double Integrated Railcar Position
  • Rail Automated Train Controls