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K148 Calibration Unit for full bridge amplifiers

K148 Calibration Unit for full bridge amplifiers

Calibration is fundamental to correct measurement – therefore, you should place heavy demands on the calibration units of your amplifiers. The PC-controlled K148 calibration unit from HBM provides maximum safety and reliability for your calibration tasks.

Excellent accuracy and linearity: The K148 calibration unit simulates strain-gauge full bridges for amplifiers with one up to eight channels. The K148 comes with five measuring ranges with ten steps each. It enables DC and carrier frequency amplifiers from 225 Hz up to 4.8 kHz with measuring ranges from ±0.2 mV/V up to ±100 mV/V to be calibrated. The calibration unit has been perfectly balanced and provides a uniquely high accuracy and linearity of 0.0025%. (0.01% for DC and carrier frequencies higher 600 Hz ). Operational safety due to setup directly via PC: The K148 calibration unit is not only outstanding for its high accuracy: Save time and gain safety by connecting the K148 to the PC. The K148 is controlled via the USB or RS232 interface and thus enables fully automatic calibration. In addition, you can set the calibration steps directly on the PC and safely acquire the data of the amplifier that is to be calibrated in the PC.

Another plus is that you save time when calibrating systems with many amplifiers. The channels and calibration steps can be programmed to requirements so that verification and calibration take only little time and effort. Using the MGCplus SwiftCal calibration software you can implement an automated complete solution for calibrating MGCplus amplifiers from HBM that is immediately ready for use.

Wiring is less complex because the USB port is used for the K148 voltage supply: Inconvenient power packs with wiring and the necessity of having to look for a power socket are history. Even when operating the K148 manually, you get more comfort: The intuitive handling of the device is enhanced by a pleasing design providing easy-to-use push-buttons. The lightweight housing can be accomodated even in confined spaces and can be stacked onto HBM’s K800 calibration unit for strain-gage quarter-bridge amplifiers.

Key Features

  • Simulation of the defined output signals of strain gage full bridges
  • 8 channels can be switched series
  • Computer control or manual operation
  • For DC amplifiers and carrier frequency amplifiers up to 5 kHz
  • Calibration values in 5 x 10 steps of +/- 0.2 to +/- 100 mV/V