JC300 Multi-Axis Fingertip Joystick

JC300 Multi-Axis Fingertip Joystick

Designed for use with an electronic controller, the JC300 can be specified to generate up to five switched outputs per half axis, or analogue and switched reference signals. This analogue output can be configured to provide signals for fault detection circuits within the controller.

Installation time has been reduced through the use of standard electronic connectors, whilst the absence of micro switches and camshafts eliminates the need to maintain the joystick throughout its operating life of in excess of 4 million cycles.

The JC300’s range of ergonomic handles feature rotary operated potentiometers for a third axis control, or “Deadman’s” switches that can be used to improve the integrity of your control system.

The unit is intended to be mounted in a protected environment, on applications such as a vehicle cab, control room or remote control chestpacks.