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Impulse Noise Evaluation System Based On Type 7963

Impulse Noise Evaluation System Based On Type 7963

Impulse Noise Evaluation for Gun Noise

This solution is a complete, focused kit for acquiring accurate noise measurements for assorted combinations of small arms, suppressors and ammunition types. The system components have been selected to ensure a quick and easy setup, simultaneously acquire the right data the first time, and create the reports with the right data.


  • Performing measurements according to US MIL-STD-1474-D (1997) and US MIL-STD-1474-E (2005) at the range, regardless of whether or not there is a power outlet available
  • Benchmarking prototypes or competitor equipment according to comparative impulse noise peak values
  • Demonstrate peak values to customers
  • Calculate impulse noise limits


  • The combination of LAN-XI Battery Module Type 2831-A and LAN-XI 3-ch. Input Module Type 3052 enables testing to be performed where you need to test, without being tied to a power outlet
  • The three-microphone system enables simultaneous measurement at both ears and muzzle
  • The system’s sampling rate of 262,144 samples per second greatly exceeds the 192,000 samples per second required by MIL-STD-1474-E
  • Measuring, validating and reporting all in one system