Linear Position Sensor

ICT050 Contactless In-Cylinder Linear Transducer

ICT050 Contactless In-Cylinder Linear Transducer

The ICT050 Contactless In-Cylinder Linear Transducer combines the best features associated with LVDTs and potentiometers into one rugged, contactless and highly reliable displacement transducer.

With a body diameter of only 5.4mm the ICT050 is the smallest transducer package we offer, and is ideal for installation into hydraulic and pnematic cylinder applications where space is at a premium.

The ICT050 is ideal for use on small-bore actuators and offers a choice of internal or threaded flange mounting configurations (including SAE1926/2 and ISO6149/2 compatible thread forms), to suit tie-rod, welded and rear clevis-mounted cylinder types in stroke ranges from 25 to 500mm. Three core configurations also provide the designer the following options:

* SLEEVED CORE – cylinder rods can be simply machined to accommodate the sleeve. This also gives the option of retro-fitting existing servo-cylinders with an upgrade to ICT technology.
* THREADED CORE – provides the designer with the minimum transducer body size and simplified installation requiring minimal machining.
* FORCE FIT CORE – the core can be pressed into the cylinder rod and is retained by a tolerance ring.

With no electrical sliding contacts, the ICT050 has a working life which is almost limitless.

Signal conditioning is carried out by separate electronics packages (EICT or EICTM) which can be located up to 10 metres away from the harsh environment in which the transducer may be required to operate. Operating from 10 to 60Vdc, the electronics modules can provide a wide range of voltage output signals as well as a 4-20mA current output option or digital PWM signal. The electronics is housed in a high strength IP66 (or metal IP68) enclosure and includes user adjustment for zero and gain.