Humidity Sensors

Humidity Sensors (overview)

Humidity Sensors (overview)

Humidity sensors can improve performance, reduce energy consumption and increase safety in a variety of applications. Increasingly, OEMs are designing relative humidity/temperature sensors into engines, electronics, and other products to improve control and output.

Measurement Specialties’ humidity sensor business unit – also known as Humirel – is dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and sales of innovative humidity and temperature sensing solutions in a wide variety of OEM markets. Measurement Specialties’ capacitive humidity sensing technology, which converts water absorption information into electrical output, offers accuracy from 2-5% and is highly repeatable. Packaged sensors, which include temperature sensors as a reference, can be used full scale from 0 to 100% relative humidity. Temperature ranges of operation are from -40°C to 125°C.

Measurement Specialties provides quality technical support and works closely with customers to develop competitively priced solutions and to reduce time to market. Sensors are available as components, modules with analog or digital output, or customized sub-systems, also known as application specific modules (ASMs). Products are designed, qualified and manufactured in Toulouse, France, a center of high tech and scientific excellence and the homeland of Airbus and the European Space Agency.

Should I measure humidity?

• Is your system part of machinery which is cooling, heating or drying or, more generally, consuming too much energy?

• Do you measure temperature or do you use information coming from temperature sensors?

• Are there regulatory constraints for the output of your system, such as emissions?

If you answer yes for at least one of those three questions, you may benefit by designing our reliable humidity sensor into your system to reduce energy consumption, lower emission level, improve accuracy or increase customer satisfaction.