HLP190 Spring Loaded Linear Potentiometer

HLP190 Spring Loaded Linear Potentiometer

The HLP190 range of hybrid linear potentiometers have a body diameter of only 19mm. Stroke lengths are from 25mm to 150mm, with a choice of body clamp (BS) or flange (FS) mounting. This model is supplied with a spring loaded shaft, biased to the fully extended position.

Suited to a wide range of industrial applications for medium stroke length requirements.

All other models in the HLP190 series (HLP190/SA, HLP190/BC and HLP190/FL models) have been replaced by the SLS190 range.

Key Features
* Stroke lengths from 25 to 150mm
* 19mm body diameter
* Spring loaded shaft with ball anvil fitting
* Flange or Body clamp mounting
* Virtually Infinite resolution
* Single or dual track option