Speed Measurement

HE950 Proximity Sensor

HE950 Proximity Sensor

HE950 sensors monitor gear-teeth, spokes, or keyways and produce a digital pulse signal for use with speed switches, tachometers, counters, and signal conditioners, or as a direct pulse input into PLCs.

The HE950 sensor is a “one size fits all” sensor capable of operating across broad range of target sizes and offering flexible gap distance set up (up to 3mm). Digital electronics and true zero-speed operation up to 12kHz enables use at higher shaft speeds than many conventional proximity sensors. When used with Electro-Sensors speed switches, HE950 sensors provide feedback enabling more efficient process control and safety, guarding against potential problems such as machine failure, product waste, or process downtime.

The HE950 sensor is simple to install and can be mounted up to 1500ft from the control unit. Powered by 5-24VDC, it provides an NPN Open Collector output, and is packaged in a rugged aluminum NEMA 4 housing with a plated steel mounting bracket and 10 feet of 3-wire shielded cable.

* Senses a wide range of ferrous target sizes one-size-fits-all proximity sensor
* Senses a variety of targets – gear teeth, bolt heads, keyways and more
* Flexible gap distance – up to 3mm
* Expanded operating range – up to 12kHz
* Full output down to zero Hz – true zero-speed operation
* Provides digital pulse output for speed switches, tachometers, signal conditioners, & PLCs
* Rugged, NEMA 4 sensor housing
* Easy installation and set up