Hazard Monitoring Systems

HazardPRO™ System

HazardPRO™ System

HazardPRO temperature sensors read the temperature of bearings, rub blocks, and equipment surfaces and are 2-wire, loop-powered devices. All models are compatible with HazardPRO nodes, standard I.S. barriers, and PLC analog inputs and are identical with the exception of the measurement probe. HazardPRO temperature sensors are optimized for bearing temperature measurement (probe), belt alignment temperature measurement (brass rubblock), and measuring the ambient surface temperature on a machine.

HazardPRO shaft RPM sensors measure the speed of the tail shaft of the equipment being monitored. The sensor sends a pulse output to the HazardPRO node which calculates the speed of the shaft.

All models come ready to use and require no user calibration.

The HPZ bearing temperature sensor mounts into 1/8″ or 1/4″ NPT greasefitting
(zerk) taps.

The HPA ambient temperature sensor mounts onto a flat surface with a #12

The HPS stud-mount temperature sensor is mounted into a 3/8″-16 tapped hole.

The HPB belt alignment sensor is an assembly for measuring the temperature of a brass belt alignment block.

The HPR shaft RPM sensor mounts into an EZ 1 Mag bracket assembly which installs on the mounted shaft via a 1/2″-13 UNC-tapped hole that is drilled in the center of the shaft.