Genesis - HighSpeed

GN1202B Optical Fiber Isolated Input Card

GN1202B Optical Fiber Isolated Input Card

Optical Fiber Isolated 100 MS/s Input Card – GN1202B

Secure data transmission in the harshest environments including the strongest electric and magnetic fields is a challenge. The optical fiber isolated system for Genesis HighSpeed consisting of the GN1202B input card with up to 12 transmitter units is perfectly designed for this kind of task. Using the full transient and data recorder feature set of the GN1202B with the powerful Perception software eliminates the need to use separate data acquisition hardware or software.

By converting the analog signal into a digital signal and transmitting the signal to the receiver card via fiber optic cable, the transmission does not add any drift or error to the measured signal. The automatic cable length compensation phase-matches all fiber optic isolated channels to any standard analog input channel. HBM provides different transmitter solutions for High Voltage and Medium Voltage applications.

Optical Isolated

  • 12 transmitters per receiver card
  • Digital fiber optic connection, noise/error and drift-free
  • Cable length up to 1000 m
  • Automatic cable length phase compensation

Extensive Analysis

  • Real-time formula database calculators
  • Triggering on real-time results
  • Digital Event/Timer/Counter support

Fitting Transmitters

  • Battery-powered transmitter
  • Continuously powered transmitter with 1.8 kV RMS isolation
  • ± 20 mV to ± 100 V input ranges
  • 25 MS/s or 100 MS/s transmitter


The GN112 and GN113 transmitters offer continuously powered isolation at 1.8 kV RMS, while the GN110 and GN111 transmitters offer higher isolation options using battery power with a continuous operation time of 30 hours. Superior, best-in-class anti-alias protection is achieved by a unique, multistage approach.


GN110 GN111 GN112 GN113
Model HV6600 100M HV6600 25M HV6600 25M HV6600 25M
Input type Unbalanced differential(1) Unbalanced differential(1) Unbalanced differential(1) Unbalanced differential(1)
Sample rate 100 MS/s 25 MS/s 100 MS/s 25 MS/s
Resolution 14 bit 15 bit 14 bit 15 bit
Isolated High Voltage        
Power supply Battery-powered Battery-powered built-in power supply with
1.8 kV RMS isolation
built-in power supply with
1.8 kV RMS isolation


The first stage combines a 6-pole analog anti-alias filter with the Analog-to-Digital converter creating an alias-free digital data stream at a constant rate of 100 MS/s.

The second stage feeds the 100 MS/s data stream into a user-selectable digital filter, to reduce the signal to the desired maximum bandwidth. The digital filter supports 8th-order Bessel or Butterworth filter characteristics. The third stage decimates the 100 MS/s filtered signal to the desired sample rate. The digital filter before decimation guarantees a superior phase match, ultra-low noise and alias-free result.

The real-time formula database calculators directly on the GN1202B offer math routines to solve almost any real-time mathematical challenge. Dynamic digital cycle detection enables real-time storage as well as 1 μs latency digital output of calculation results like True-RMS on all analog, torque, angle, speed and Timer/Counter channels. Channel-to-channel math creates computed channels with 1 μs latency obtaining mechanical power and/or multiphase (not limited to three) electric power (P, Q, S) or even efficiency calculations. Real-time calculated results can be used to trigger the recording or signal alarms to the external world.