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GEN4tB – Portable, Distributable and Stand-Alone Data Acquisition System

GEN4tB – Portable, Distributable and Stand-Alone Data Acquisition System

The GEN4tB is a data acquisition system that grows with your needs.

It has four slots for acquisition cards and can grow to as many as 32 channels in a small and compact form factor. Its unmatched streaming capabilities enable to record data to the optional, embedded SSD at up to 350 MB/s or to a PC with 100 MB/s or even 400 MB/s, depending on the used Ethernet interface.

The GEN4tB offers an extended temperature range, so this makes it the perfect fit for usage in cold or hot environments. The system includes free Perception standard software, which can be installed on as many PCs as needed to control the system and review acquired data.

With the selection of the right input card, the GEN4tB can be used for versatile applications:

  • Using the basic input cards the GEN4tB can be used to record voltages, or vibrations using IEPE transducers, with up to 32 channels simultaneously at up to 2 MS/s.
  • Using the unique 1.5 kV power analyzer cards turns GEN4tB into a powerful 12 channel power analyzer offering best in class accuracy and dynamic measurement capabilities.
  • With the universal input card GEN4tB can be used in material testing with up to 32 physical sensors like strain gauges, IEPE sensors or thermocouples using up to 500 kS/s sample rate.
  • The 250 MS/s input cards allow utilization for ultra-fast voltage or strain gauge measurements like “Split-Hopkinson bar” or using the fiber optic digitizers in a real high voltage/high power environment.


Powerful Mainframe

  • Portable, bench top or rack mounted
  • RJ45 or optical Ethernet PC connection
  • PTPv2, GPS, and IRIG time synching
  • Optical Master/Slave connection
  • EtherCAT and CAN FD interfaces
  • Extended temperature range
  • A powerful data acquisition system

Flexible Use Cases

  • Data acquisition front end for PC
  • Stand-alone data recorder
  • Multi-mainframe systems up to any channel count
  • Distributed DAQ using optical Master/Slave
  • Front-End for automation systems using real time busses
  • “Number crunching” front end for 3rd party software, integrated using GEN DAQ API for Windows/Linux
  • Flexible usage in the field, mobile in a vehicle or in the lab

Highest Streaming Rates

  • Local storage or transfer to PC
  • 100 MB/s streaming to PC
  • 200 MB/s streaming to 1 TB SSD with extended temperature range
  • 350 MB/s streaming to optional 500 GB SSD
  • 400 MB/s streaming to PC using optional 10 Gbit Ethernet
  • Scalable recording with multiple mainframes:
  • 4 mainframes offer 1400 MB/s streaming (example)
  • Real time direct to disc capabilities unique in the market