Genesis - HighSpeed

GEN3iA High Speed Portable Data Recorder

GEN3iA High Speed Portable Data Recorder

HBM’s GEN3iA and GEN7iA are mainframes for your versatile portable and mobile data acquisition system. In addition, they provide all the features expected from a transient recorder and are ready to use immediately. The hardware combines a full-featured Windows® PC with a large, high-resolution touch screen and a robust acquisition unit. The systems can be equipped with either up to 3 (GEN3iA) or up to 7 (GEN7iA) data acquisition cards and provide a maximum of flexibility to best suit your application’s needs. The software Perceptions, which is included, completes the compound package.

Powerful Complete Expandable

Standalone solution with full-featured Windows® PC and large, high-resolution touch screen

Perception software included with patented, extremely fast visualization of large amounts of data

Multi-Mainframe capabilities with optical Master / Sync possibility and PTPv2 and IRIG synchronization

Depending on the selected operating mode – continuous or transient – measurement data is either transferred directly to the SSD, transferred to an external PC or it is initially buffered on the acquisition cards’ high-speed RAM to offer transient recording without any throughput limitations.
The easily removable hard disk (GEN7iA) for data archiving as needed and optionally for safekeeping of the operating system as well meets the highest security requirements to ensure more security for your data.

A Master/Sync function is available for synchronized recording using two or more Genesis HighSpeed mainframes.

Any Genesis HighSpeed system can be integrated smoothly into a system with other devices, as the GEN3iA and the GEN7iA support the Precision Time Protocol (PTP v2). This enables the clocks of multiple devices networked via Ethernet to be synchronized – regardless of the product family.

Description Portable, PC integrated system; for low to medium channel count Portable, PC integrated system; for medium to high channel count
Integrated PC Intel i3, 4 GB RAM Intel i5, 16 GB RAM
Touchscreen 17” TFT, 1280×1024 17” TFT, 1280×1024
Installed / included software Perception Advanced 64bit Perception Enterprise 64bit
Slots for data acquisition cards 3 7
Data Transfer rate
…to PC 100 MB/s 100 MB/s
…to SSD 200 MB/s 350 MB/s
Digital Events Up to 32 Up to 96
USB ports 8 8
Synchronization PTPv2, Master/Sync, IRIG, GPS PTPv2, Master/Sync, IRIG, GPS