FS62: High Performance Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Strain Sensors

FS62 Optical Strain Sensors

FS62 Optical Strain Sensors

The FS62 – Strain Sensors are Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based sensors, designed to be bonded to surfaces and materials, spot welded to structures and components, attached or directly cast into concrete wet mix.

Strain sensors are available in the following configurations:

  • Miniature Polyimide
  • Composite
  • Weldable
  • Surface
  • Embedded


  • Intrinsic athermal design
    Possible adjustment to further compensate for the thermal expansion of a given structure, thereby enabling stress and load-induced strain components to be measured.
  • Completely passive
    Inherent immunity to all electromagnetic effects (EMI, RFI, sparks, etc.) and safe operation in hazardous environments.
  • High multiplexing capability
    Connection of a large number of sensors to a single optical fiber, reducing network and installation complexity.
  • Remote sensing
    Large distance between sensors and interrogator (several kilometers).
  • Compatible with most interrogator
    Provided with calibration sheet, allowing easy and accurate configuration.
  • Self-referenced
    Based on the measurement of an absolute parameter – the Bragg wavelength – independent of power fluctuations.


HBM FiberSensing strain sensors can be used in several strain measuring applications. They are particularly suited for structural health monitoring in large structures (SHM).

  • Civil Engineering
  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Aeronautics
  • R&D