Other Optical Sensors

FS Accessories

FS Accessories


FS80 – Adapters

HBM FiberSensing optical adapters for FBG sensors are used to connect several sensors in series with minimal optical losses.

Patch Cables

HBM FiberSensing has available general purpose optical patch cables for FBG sensors, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Due to the intrinsic nature of optical fibers, these connecting patch cables allow the link of several sensors
in series with minimal losses and offer inherent insensitivity to environmental induced noise

FS82 – Indoor Patch Cables are the most common type. With 3 mm diameter, these aramid yarn reinforced cables can be used in all indoor applications.

FS83 – Outdoor Patch Cables have 3 mm diameter and are protected with an aramid yarn, stainless steel armor and a metallic net, being therefore suitable for almost all outdoor and harsh environments and also for embedding in concrete structures.