eDAQ & eDAQ-lite - Rugged/Mobile

ELCPU eDAQ-lite Base Processor

ELCPU eDAQ-lite Base Processor

The SoMat eDAQ-lite Base Processor (ELCPU) is the foundation eDAQ-lite systems are built from.

Specifically designed for rugged, mobile applications; input power for the system operates in a wide range from 10-60 VDC (with ELCPU-PLUS option). Internal back-up batteries also protect the eDAQ-lite from unplanned power losses or low voltage events. The ELCPU utilizes Ethernet communications, and hosts its own web server with a configurable IP. This combination allows the eDAQ-lite to effortlessly communicate wireless through WWAN modems, 802.11 devices, or point to point wireless bridges. An HSS communications port works with the SoMat eDisplay to provide an operator real-time channels and test information in a rugged LCD display.

To manage test data, the ELCPU has the capacity to perform a broad range of on-board data processing. This includes; custom computed channels, triggers, gates, boolean expressions, and the SoMat DataModes™. Any data acquisition system can collect a Time History, but utilizing the SoMat DataModes™ allows users to save data in multiple, easy to manage and analyze formats including; Burst History, Time-at-Level, Event Slice, Peak/Valley and Rainflow Histograms.

There are two different memory options for an eDAQ-lite system; Internal (up to 16GB) and DRAM.