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EHLS eDAQ Simultaneous High Level Layer

EHLS eDAQ Simultaneous High Level Layer

The SoMat eDAQ Simultaneous High Level Layer (EHLS) offers 16 simultaneously sampled high-level differential analog inputs through independent connectors. Up to four EHLS layers can be added to a single eDAQ system enabling up to 64-channels. Networking multiple eDAQ’s make synchronous EHLS channel counts virtually limitless.

The EHLS can inherently handle any analog input from +/- 80V, and together with the SoMat SMART conditioning modules, is a real multipurpose layer. Practically any input; thermocouples, strain gages, accelerometers, microphones, amplified and unamplified transducers; can be utilized with this layer. Software selectable sample rates, transducer power, and digital filtering; simplify the set-up of any channel. There are also several calibration options including; defined value, external, multipoint; as well as shunt calibrations with embedded software tools when using the Strain SMART Module.

The EHLS is available with an optional Analog Out. Calibration files, directly compatible with popular simulation software, scale the analog outputs to engineering units.

  • 16 channel simultaneously sampled inputs – Individual 6 pin connectors
  • Sample rates from .1Hz to 25kHz set per channel. (100kHz possible)<
  • Analog input up to +/- 74.9V
  • With use of smart modules:
  • Strain gauge input ¼, ½, full bridge 350 ohm, or 120 ohm
  • Universal thermocouple module. Software select: K, J, T, E
  • IEPE conditioning module
  • Analog and digital filtering per channel
  • Optional analog out