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EGPS-200 Precision GPS Module

EGPS-200 Precision GPS Module

The EGPS-200 precision GPS receiver is engineered for non-contact speed measurements in professional vehicle testing applications such as brake testing and acceleration, as well as general vehicle dynamics. It is optimally designed to interface with the SoMat eDAQ or eDAQlite Vehicle Network Communications Layer (ECOM or ELCOM).

Product Description

Brake testing is all about knowing exactly when something is told to stop and how long after it actually does, as well as a few notes about how the vehicle behaved on the way there. But in order to achieve this, you must have a system in place with really fast signals and smarts to be able to react when it needs to. With HBM SoMat’s EGPS-200 Precision GPS Receiver, you can feel comfortable knowing your measurements are accurate so you can create the best brake performance and thus keep your customers safe behind the wheel!

200 Hz speed update rate for maximum reliability

The EGPS-200 combines data from both GPS and inertial sensors to provide a robust 200 Hz speed update rate for maximum reliability and accuracy. It is this combination of GPS and accelerometer data that gives it outstanding performance. Boasting a true sampling rate of 200 Hz per channel, this means that you can tell exactly what your test vehicle is doing every five thousandths of a second and correlate that to positional information as well as virtually every conceivable transducer known to man! Including CAN and VIDEO!

Thus the EGPS-200 outperforms non-contact speed devices that are solely dependent on GPS, as well as “survey grade“ receivers where the emphasis is absolute position rather than speeds.

The EGPS-200 is available in two configurations, the base receiver or enhanced PLUS package.

  • The base receiver provides 19 channels including speed (200 Hz), absolute position, three-axis instantaneous acceleration, number of satellites, date and time information. A physical input trigger channel is also integrated within the receiver. The input trigger allows synchronization of the data values with external events such as brake pedal depression or passing a marker point.
  • The PLUS package provides all the channels of the base receiver plus IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and RTK (Real Time Kinematic) measurements. The IMU improves acceleration accuracy and completes the six degrees of freedom measurements by adding axis rotation (roll, pitch, and yaw).

Designed for harsh environments

The EGPS-200 is a sealed, compact module engineered to operate within temperature ranges from -20 to 65 °C and has an IP 67 protection rating. Four mounting hole locations provide easy and secure attachment to the test object. EGPS-200 modules are ideally designed to interface with the HBM SoMat eDAQ or eDAQlite data acquisition system. A single module can be powered directly from the GPS connector on a Vehicle Network Communications (ECOM or ELCOM) layer.

Key Features

  • High-accuracy speed output with update rate of 200 Hz
  • 20 base measurement channels
  • PLUS package with RTK and IMU options provides additional channels and accuracy
  • Rugged environmental protection to IP 67 standard
  • Integrated trigger input to synchronize measurements with external events