EGCS-A2 and EGCS-B2 Accelerometers

EGCS-A2 and EGCS-B2 Accelerometers

The Model EGCS-A2 & -B2 accelerometers are critically damped with built-in over-range stops that are set to protect the unit against 10,000g shocks. The accelerometers incorporate signal conditioning with optional ±5Vdc or ±2.5Vdc amplified full-scale output and are offered in ranges from ±5g to ±5000g. The accelerometers are ideal for low frequency measurements and feature temperature compensation from+20 to +80 ºC.



  • ±5g to ±5000g Dynamic Range
  • Heavy Duty, Rugged
  • Static and Dynamic Measurement
  • DC to 4000Hz Frequency Response
  • ±1% Non-Linearity
  • -40 ºC to +120 ºC Temperature Range
  • 10,000g Over-range Protection



  • Road Vehicle Testing
  • Machine Control
  • Downhole
  • Engine Testing
  • General Purpose