eDAQ & eDAQ-lite - Rugged/Mobile

eDAQ-lite Rugged Mobile DAQ

eDAQ-lite Rugged Mobile DAQ

The eDAQlite is the go anywhere, test anything compact version of the SoMat eDAQ.

Engineered using the same technology, the eDAQlite has similar leading-edge signal conditioning and a capacity to perform a broad range of on-board data processing, triggering, intelligent data storage, and complex computations.

Not every test utilizes hundreds of channels. eDAQ / eDAQlite customers can accomplish tests with both small and high channel counts using a single family of products. There is no learning curve, new software, or file formats; and systems can be seamlessly networked together.

The compact eDAQlite can be installed inconspicuously to collect data under discrete conditions; for example, behind a dashboard panel.

Intelligent data storage collects relevant measurement data in condensed, manageable form – rather than gigabytes of results.

For customers just starting in testing, the eDAQlite has lower start-up costs, and can easily be expanded as your needs change and grow. Since all HBM SoMat systems are easy-to-use, set-up and operate, you will be up and running fast, successfully collecting data in the most challenging of environments.

* Compact Size
* Stand-Alone DAQ
* Intelligent Data Storage
* Sealed System for Extreme Environments
* Temperature Specification: -20° to 65° C
* Wide Range of Signal Conditioning
o Analog
o Strain Gage
o Thermocouple
o Digital I/O
o Pulse Counter
o Vehicle Bus
* Synchronous Data (Parallel)
* Sample Rates up to 100 KHz
* Max Analog Channels per System: 32 Networking of Multiple Systems: Infinite
* Synchronous Channel Counts
* Wide Range Input Power: 10-55 VDC*
* Stand-Alone Battery Layer Option
* Ethernet Communications
* ELCPU-PLUS Processor