Tilt Sensors & Inclinometers

ECS – eCompass Series

ECS – eCompass Series

The ECS digital compass represents the state-of-the-art in magnetic compassing. It combines a precision 3-axis solid-state magnetometer and a rugged 2-axis electrolytic tilt sensor to provide accurate heading and tilt measurements over a wide range of environmental conditions. The firmware and signal processing algorithms have been refined and improved over three prior generations of compasses to deliver the ultimate in performance from the available sensor data.


  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • Single-Supply Operation
  • RS-232 & RS-485 Outputs Available
  • In-System Configuration & Test
  • Plastic or Aluminum Enclosure Options



  • Unmanned Vehicles
  • Robotics
  • Weather Buoys
  • Antenna Positioning
  • Marine Navigation


Performance Specifications

Heading Performance

Accuracy (rms) ±0.5° Typical, Tilt <35° Dip <60°
Repeatability ±0.3° No filter
Response Time (msec) 36 Minimum, no filter
Dip Angle Range ±80°
Tilt Range ±42°
Update Rate (measurements per second) 27.5


Pitch and Roll Performance

Accuracy ±0.3° Factory calibrated
Repeatability ±0.20° No filter
Range ±42°
Settling Time (sec) 0.5 No damping



Supply Voltage (VDD) 6 – 45Vdc unregulated
5.0Vdc regulated
4.9Vdc minimum
Supply Current Operating: 25mA
sample: 10mA
Standby: 2mA



Operating Temperature -40° to 105°C
Storage Temperature -50° to 150°C
Humidity 0-90% Non-condensing



Enclosure Material (ABS) Flame Retardant Plastic UL94 VO
Diecast Aluminum Alloy (Type 360.1)
PCB Size 1.6″W x 3.0″L x 0.6″H, H required for tilt sensor
PCB Mounting 4 #4 screws
Weight Plastic: 3.2oz (90.7g)
Aluminum: 7.2oz (204.1g)
Connectors 8 pin, single-row, 0.1? friction header
6 pin RJ12 modular jack



Signal Type RS-232 or RS-485
Baud Rate (bps) 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 or 57600
Character Format 8 data, no parity, 1 stop
Input Buffer Size 110 characters
Output Buffer Size 110 characters
Output Format NMEA 0183 and binary
Output Data Rate 1 to 1650 sentences per minute
Operating Modes Continuous or sample
Angle Units Degrees, mils, radians, 16-bit integer


*Specifications subject to change without notice on account of continued product development