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DSI-1000 Digital Slope Indicator

DSI-1000 Digital Slope Indicator

The Jewell Instruments DSI-1000 Series Digital Display is a microprocessor based panel meter designed to take the output from Jewell’s gravity referenced inclinometers and display it at an angle. The compact unit provides the ±15VDC sensor excitation with dual channel inputs condition the inclinometer output and displays the angle down to 0.001 degrees.

– Dual Channel Inputs
– Front Panel Digital Zero (Tare)
– Splash Proof Bezel
– Heavy Duty Aluminum Case
– Front Panel Switches for Programming and Calibration
– 6 Digits, 0.56″ LED Readout with Negative Indication
– Two-Set Points with Relay Closures
– Short Case, Only 4” Behind Panel Depth
– Programmable for Different Range Inclinometers
– Display Supplies Power to Sensors
– Ethernet Input Option
– Many Additional Add-On’s Available

Available Options:
• RS485 Compatible Interface
• Ethernet Interface 10 Base-T/100 Base TX
• +5 Vdc Power 500mA Max
• 4-20mA Output Maximum Load 600 O
• Analog Output, Tracks Input 0-10Vdc
• 9-18Vdc Power 400mA Maximum
• 230Vac; 50-400Hz Input Power
• 18-36Vdc Power 300mA Maximum
• Sunlight Readable Red LED

– Industrial
– Marine
– Emergency/Utility Trucks