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DRK 182TC Digital Ring Kits

DRK 182TC Digital Ring Kits

Electro-Sensors DRK 182TC Digital Ring Kits provide digital feedback from motors with NEMA C Face end bells. They can generate pulses down to zero speed and transmit without amplification up to 1500 feet. They are ideal pulse generators for speed monitoring, motor control, counting, process control, cut to length, ratio/draw controlling, and other applications. The DRK Series Ring Kits can be quickly and easily installed on NEMA C Face motors or between a motor and a gear box. Each DRK Ring Kit System includes a cast aluminum mounting ring with a removable gasketed junction box, a 60 pole pair magnet wheel (120 magnets of alternating polarity) with a mounting hub bored to the exact motor shaft size, either a Hall Effect sensor or optional Magneto Resistive sensor with 10 feet of 3 conductor shielded cable, and all mounting hardware. The non-contacting digital pulse generating system gives an NPN open collector output signal. The output with the 1101 Hall Effect sensor is 60 pulses per revolution (PPR). The output when using the optional 1102 Magneto Resistive sensor is 120 PPR. You must specify motor frame size and the PPR needed (60 or 120) when ordering.

DRK 182TC Ring Kit Fits NEMA Motor Frame: 182TC, 184TC, 213C, 215C & 254C; 1-1/8″ Bore.

Standard DRK 182TC Ring Kit Comprises: 182TC Aluminum Ring, 1-1/8″ Magnet Wheel, 1101 Hall Effect Sensor (60PPR).

* High Speed Digital Pulse Train
* Impervious to Dust, Oil, Water, etc.
* Easy Retrofit on NEMA-C Frame Motors
* Ideal for Use with Signal Conditioners and Tachometers, etc.
* Complete Kit Includes Mounting ring, Magnet Wheel with Hub, and Sensor
* 60 or 120 Pulses per Revolution
* Available in Quadrature Output (See QDRK Series)
* Optional: Special Size Hubs Available – Consult Factory