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DMP41 Digital Precision Measuring Device

DMP41 Digital Precision Measuring Device

DMP41: the most precise amplifier in the world for strain gauge-based measurements

DMP41 is the most precise amplifier in the world for strain gauge-based measurements. The DMP series has been continuously developed by HBM for more than 30 years. It offers outstanding long-term stability and ultra-modern, user friendly functions, such as touch screen operation.

The precision amplifier supports simultaneous measurement with multiple channels. Moreover, DMP41 offers even higher noise immunity. Its state-of-the-art interface allows integration with modern laboratory network environments in many different ways. Metrology institutes can trust that they get maximum precision.

Minimal variations at high static loads are often measured in research and science as well as in the manufacture of high-precision elements. The DMP41 precision amplifier shows its strengths with high-precision comparison measurements of mechanical quantities. Many national test institutes, including the German National Metrology Institute (PTB), use DMP series instruments for their own measurements; however, the DMP41’s technical benefits such as accuracy, high resolution and long-term stability are also important in the development, production and quality assurance of strain gauge transducers.

New: DMP41 for the control cabinet

HBM’s DMP41 precision measuring instrument is also available in a 19″ housing which is immediately available for purchase. These versions have specifically been designed for mounting in the control cabinet. Like the previous desktop housing versions, the new models, too, provide two or six channels for simultaneous measurement and can be ordered using the part numbers 1-DMP41-E2 or 1-DMP41-E6.

A typical field of application for these versions is the manufacture of sensors and transducers. They are primarily used in applications such as calibration and adjustment of strain gauge-based force, torque and pressure transducers as well as load cells and flow sensors, when they are calibrated using load cells. The DMP41 precision measuring instrument guarantees maximum accuracy, even in industrial environments with high EMC requirements.

Key Features

  • 0.0005 accuracy class
  • Four versions available:
    1-DMP41-T2: desktop housing, 2 channels measuring simultaneously
    1-DMP41-T6: desktop housing, 6 channels measuring simultaneously
    1-DMP41-E2: 19″-rack-mount housing, 2 channels measuring simultaneously
    1-DMP41-E6: 19″-rack-mount housing, 6 channels measuring simultaneously
  • 225 Hz carrier frequency
  • Powerful digital filters
  • 2.5 V, 5 V or 10 V bridge excitation voltage
  • 11 linearization points
  • Automatic background calibration
  • Control via touch screen, keyboard or PC
  • USB and Ethernet connection
  • Desktop housing with 230/115 V, 50 – 60 Hz mains connection

DMP41 used as a reference measuring instrument

The DMP41 digital highest-precision measuring instrument is ideally suited for calibration tasks because of the following characteristics:

  • Long-term stability: DMP41’s high long-term stability has been proven in many tests by HBM. They confirm that already DMP39, the predecessor model of DMP40 and DMP41, has maintained the ±5 ppm error band for a time period of over 35 years. The long-term stability offered by DMP41 is unique.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: DMP41 offers significantly higher immunity to electromagnetic interference than the predecessor devices, withstands electric field strengths of up to 10 V/m while maintaining its initial measuring accuracy of 5 ppm. Under these conditions, only a value of 50 ppm could be guaranteed with the predecessor system DMP40.
  • Automatic compensation for cable conditions: Due to the cable length, there is complete compensation for voltage loss. It is automatically performed by the amplifier with transducers in 6-wire circuit.
  • Background calibration: DMP41 offers the patented ‘Background calibration’ function with continuous LIVE measurement.
  • Versatile interfaces: DMP41 offers a choice of USB, Ethernet and, if required, also RS-232 interfaces and can thus be easily integrated with any laboratory environment.
  • Flexible filter functions: The powerful integrated digital signal processor (DSP) allows comprehensive adaptation of the filter parameters to the specific requirements of the measurement task. Users can select from 13 filter frequencies with Bessel and Butterworth characteristics.
  • Convenient user interface: The DMP41 offers users flexible control via touchscreen. Control via keyboard or PC client is also possible.
  • Ease of use: Toggling between the two principal operating modes ‘Measure mode’ and ‘Setup mode’ is easy via the touchscreen or the F1 button at the housing, via a connected USB keyboard or the PC client included in the scope of supply.