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DMP200 Single Channel Digital Panel Indicator

DMP200 Single Channel Digital Panel Indicator

The DMP200 series consists of four universal input indicators offering unparalleled price and performance. The use of surface mount components and modern microprocessor technology has enabled powerful features to be packed into a standard 1/8 DIN case, with measurement performance significantly better than other indicators in their price range.

The four models can be used for both simple ´measurement only´ applications and in more demanding situations requiring digital communications, alarms, maths functions and complex signal conditioning. The powerful menu-driven software enables fast flexible set-up from the front panel or via the serial communications interface. No adjustment of internal trim pots, internal links or plug-in cards is necessary.

The DMP200 series is ideally suited to operate with Penny & Giles linear and rotary potentiometers, providing a 10 Vdc or 0-12 Vdc transducer supply. This model is also suited to operate with thermocouples and RTDs, as well as pressure transducers, load cells and strain gauges.

Key Features
* Universal Input
* Isolated Analogue Output
* Digital Status Inputs
* Transmitter and Transducer Supplies
* Four Alarm Set points
* Front Panel Function Buttons
* Universal Mains Power Supply
* Maths Functions
* Serial Communications
* Dual Alarm Relays
* Compatible with Penny & Giles Rotary or Linear position sensors