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DML300 Single Channel LVDT Panel Indicator

DML300 Single Channel LVDT Panel Indicator

The DML300 series of digital panel indicators is designed specifically for use with LVDT transducers. The “Fast-Cal” feature provides a fast and simple means of calibrating an indicator to the transducer at any two stroke positions.

The DML300 is configured for the correct transducer excitation voltage and frequency as recommended by the sensor manufacturer. As LVDT transducers can only be calibrated in situ, the sensor is set to the mechanical “low” (zero) and then the “high” (span) positions when prompted by the DML300. The measured LVDT signal values are then stored, with their relevant display values, as the calibration parameters. The DML300 can also automatically set the correct input gain to suit the LVDT transducers output. The displayed values can be in millimetres, inches or any other measurement units.

DML300 series indicators have a five digit display, transducer excitation supply and many software features including max/min memory and math functions. All models are fitted with two analogue outputs – a high speed analogue output for monitoring fast changes of sensor movement, and a separate, electrically isolated, scaleable analogue output.

The serial RS 422 /485 communications interface allows connection to data loggers, PLCs and computers. Two logic inputs are provided to allow remote control of user selectable functions. In addition, two of the front panel push-buttons can be user defined to allow fast ac cess to pre-programmed functions.

All three models share the basic DML330 specification. In addition the DML340 has two alarm relays and the DML350 has four TTL alarm outputs.

Key Features
* Fast-Cal Calibration
* Adjustable Display Resolution
* Maximum / Minimum Memory
* Isolated Analogue Output
* Two Logic Inputs
* Front Panel Function Buttons
* Transducer Excitation Supply
* High Speed Analogue Output
* Universal Mains Power Supply
* Serial Communications
* Dual Alarm Relays
* Quad TTL Alarm Outputs
* Compatible with Penny & Giles Industrial series LVDTs