CANHEADdirect Communication Module

CANHEADdirect Communication Module

CANHEADdirect: Small investment, high performance

CANHEADdirect enables you to benefit from the advantages provided by the CANHEAD® system. Data is captured directly at the measuring point. Long, complex wiring is a thing of the past; setting up the test system is made dramatically easier. A single, conventional Fieldbus cable is sufficient to reliably connect the modules to each other and, eventually, to the CANHEADdirect. The system’s price per channel is thus unbeatable. In addition, you save further cost, because no long data lines are required between the measuring point and the amplifier. Data is captured at a high resolution of 24 bit to ensure precise measurement.

Convenient test setup

The components required for transmitting measurement data from the sensor to the PC are specified below:

  • 1 to 5 base modules (CB1014, CB1015, CB1016, CB1010)
  • CA1030 amplifier modules (number depending on the base modules used)
  • The CANHEADdirect communication module for applications with up to 50 measuring points
  • CANbus connection cable (KAB267-2)
  • Termination resistor (CANHEAD-TERM)

The CANHEADdirect module is connected to the PC via USB. CANHEADdirect comes with an external power supply unit. The base modules are supplied with power via CANbus. LEDs show the current status at a glance.

The base modules are used as intelligent junction boxes and save measuring point-specific information. Three base modules (CB1014, CB1015, CB1016) for single strain gages in quarter bridge configuration and the CB1010 for strain gage half and full bridges and DC voltage sources are available. All modules provide ten channels for synchronous measurement. Carrier frequency technology reliably avoids external interference and noise. The modules can also be mixed without any problems. Please note that CANHEADdirect does not support TEDS functions in the CB1010.

Modular system

At the core of the system is the CA1030 amplifier module for all measurement quantities and wiring configurations that enables multiple use. It is simply plugged into the installed base modules and can be exchanged between the different test setups as required. This emphasizes the modular characteristics of the system and guarantees maximum flexibility for your test setups.

Wiring via RJ45 plugs

The CB1016 and CB1010 base modules make setting up the test system particularly easy, because they provide RJ45 plugs instead of clamp-connections for wiring. The base modules’ controlled 4-wire circuit for connection of quarter bridges (CB1015 and CB1016) reliably compensates for cable effects and difficult temperature conditions. The 3-wire module (CB1014) enables temperature variations during the measurement to be compensated too. An eleventh channel enables a temperature sensor (eg PT100) to be connected. The CANHEADdirect communication module supplies both modules and amplifiers with power via CANbus.

The perfect choice for applications with small and medium channel counts

CANHEADdirect now also makes this system attractive for universities, laboratories, engineering consultants and industrial applications. Of course HBM still offers the MGCplus amplifier system with the ML74B/AP74 module for higher channel counts. Your investment is future-proof, even if you want to extend your measuring application to over 50 measuring points later.

Multiple fields of application

CANHEAD® offers multiple uses: Structural and fatigue tests, long-term monitoring or measurements for general structural mechanics ensure safe operation, for example, in wind power plants, railroad cars or components used in mechanical engineering.