CANHEAD Distributed Amplifier System

CANHEAD Distributed Amplifier System

CANHEAD Data Acquisition System: Acquiring up to 20,000 Channels

The CANHEAD system acquires data from static and quasi-static measurements and is ideal for use in long-term monitoring, fatigue testing and static structural testing, for example, in aerospace and construction. The data acquisition system is installed close to the measuring points, which significantly reduces wiring expenditure. This saves material and installation costs. CANHEAD, combined with the MGCplus data acquisition system as the communication master and HBM’s data acquisition software catman, provides the optimum solution for data acquisition and analysis with medium and high channel counts.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.1
  • Channels per CANHEAD module: 10
  • Channels that can be acquired synchronously: up to 20,000


  • Various base modules available for single strain gauges, half and full bridges, as well as voltage
  • Single strain gauges can be used in three or four wire configurations
  • Universal plug-in amplifier module

Flexible measurement – prepared for anything


  • Carrier-frequency technology (600 Hz) guarantees noise-proof measurements
  • Separate temperature compensation channel for measurements with single strain gauges
  • T-ID and TEDS compatibility for easy sensor identification and scaling

Carefree measurement – easy to use


  • Up to 12 CANHEAD modules per MGCplus plug-in card
  • A single cable for power and data – “True Daisy Chain
  • Developed for installation close to the measuring points
  • Light-weight modules (about 700 g)

Easy measurement – no risk of tangled cables


“IABG made the decision to use CANHEAD for A380 fatigue testing, as distributed measurement acquisition has considerable advantages for extended structures. With 7,000 strain gage measuring points to deal with, we found reduced installation costs and time, better interference immunity and easier expansion very persuasive arguments.”

Dipl.-Ing. Detlev Bauer, IABG, Germany