Sound Level Meters and Vibration Meters

BZ-7225  Enhanced Logging Option For Types 2250 And 2270

BZ-7225 Enhanced Logging Option For Types 2250 And 2270

This module allows continuous logging of multiple parameters at intervals of 1 second to 24 hours, 10/100 ms logging of selected parameters and user definable report periods.


It also logs spectra at specified intervals when Frequency Analysis Software BZ-7223 is enabled. With Signal Recording Option BZ-7226 enabled, signal recordings of the measured noise or vibration signal can be added to the profile for documentation purposes, as well as subsequent event and source identification.



  • Environmental noise monitoring with Type 2250-Sand Type 2270-S sound level meters
  • Complaint investigations
  • Occupational health assessment
  • Time history of vibration events
  • Create user-definable periodic reports straight from the logged data

Collect a wealth of broadband, statistical and spectral data, giving you all the parameters you need before post-processing. It supports up to five user-defined markers that can be set automatically (using trigger conditions) or manually (on the touchscreen or using push buttons), making it easy during post-processing to locate and evaluate noisy or unusual profile sections, and evaluate their significance. At any time during the measurement you can “freeze” the profile display or move to an earlier section, allowing you to look at data in detail and add annotations while the measurement continues.


  • Continuous logging with automatic save of data to SD card
  • Logging of broadband parameters, statistics and spectra
  • All or selected parameters for full day report and 1 second to 24 hour period
  • 100 ms period (LAeq, LAF, LAS only) and 10 ms logging of LAF
  • Two profile displays: total measurement and zoomed time window
  • Spectrum and broadband real-time views
  • Markers and annotations on profile display
  • Measure Ldn, Lden, Lday, Levening and Lnight

Channels: 1 Channel

Function: Logging

Usage: Noise Monitoring

Meters: 2250-S, 2270-S