Sound Level Meters and Vibration Meters

BZ-7133  Logging Option For Type 2250 Light

BZ-7133 Logging Option For Type 2250 Light

The Logging application also can log spectra if Frequency Analysis Software BZ-7131 or BZ-7132 is installed. During measurement, markers and annotations can be added to the profile. With Signal Recording Option BZ-7226 installed, signal recordings can be made to document events as they happen.


  • Environmental noise monitoring with Type 2250-S, Type 2270-S and Type 2250 Light sound level meters
  • Complaint investigations
  • Occupational health assessment

Collect a wealth of broadband, statistical and spectral data, giving you all the parameters you need before post-processing.

Because it supports up to five user-defined markers that can be set automatically (using trigger conditions) or manually (on the touchscreen or using push buttons), it’s easy to locate and evaluate noisy or unusual profile sections during post-processing.

At any time during the measurement you can “freeze” the profile display or move to an earlier section, allowing you to look at data in detail and add annotations while the measurement is in progress.


  • Logging of broadband parameters, statistics and spectra with two periods
  • User-defined period of 1 second to 24 hours (user-selected data)
  • 100 ms period (LAeq, LAF, LAS only) and 10 ms logging of LAF
  • Two profile displays: total measurement and zoomed time window
  • Markers and annotations on profile display
  • Attachment of signal recordings to profile

Channels: 1 Channel

Function: Logging

Usage: Noise Monitoring

Meters: 2250-L