Sound Level Meters and Vibration Meters

BZ-7130  Sound Level Meter Software For Type 2250 Light

BZ-7130 Sound Level Meter Software For Type 2250 Light

This standard software included in the basic applications package for Type 2250 Light provides a single, wide dynamic range combined with simultaneous measurement of RMS and peak levels with different frequency and time weightings so you can gather all information in one go.

The sound level meter template also offers a large, easily visible display for more accurate measurements – for example, observing measurements from a distance removes acoustic reflections from your body that would influence the measurement.


  • General-purpose class 1 sound measurements
  • Environmental noise assessment and complaint investigation
  • Occupational noise assessment
  • Selection of hearing protection
  • Indication and verification of noise reduction

BZ-7130 complies with the latest international standard (IEC 61672.1/ANSI), as well previous international and national standards.


  • Large dynamic range (120+ dB) and frequency range (5.6 Hz – 20 kHz)
  • Sound levels up to 140 dB
  • Simultaneous frequency weightings A/B, C, Z (linear) and time weightings F, S, I
  • Back-erase – removes last 5 seconds of measurement data
  • Broadband statistics based on LAeq, LAF or LAS
  • Recording of measured signal during measurement

Channels: 1 Channel

Function: Levels

Usage: Logging

Meters: 2250-L