B&K Type 8345 Triaxial CCLD Accelerometer

B&K Type 8345 Triaxial CCLD Accelerometer

Triaxial CCLD Accelerometer Type 8345 is designed to operate in harsh environments.


  • Measurement in harsh environments
  • Triaxial measurements
  • Permanently installed machine condition monitoring

Its 4-pin Glenair® 800-series connector is robust for industrial applications. The 3 × M4 holes forming an isosceles triangle on the mounting surface secure the mounting and avoid misalignment of the mounting direction.


Frequency range: 2 – 2000 Hz

Temperature: -54 – 125 C

Weight: 40 gram

Sensitivity: 98 mV/g

Residual Noise Level in Spec Freq Range (rms):  ±1000 mg

Maximum Operational Level (peak): 1000 µg

Electrical connector: 4-pin

Mounting: 3 x M4 bolts

Output: CCLD

Unigain: No

Triaxial: Yes


Resonance frequency: 18 kHz

Maximum Shock Level (± peak): 5100 g