B&K Type 4574  Accelerometer DC Response, 10G, 200 MV/G

B&K Type 4574 Accelerometer DC Response, 10G, 200 MV/G

The DC Response Accelerometers are designed to measure low-frequency vibration down to DC. The gas- damped sensing element offers a wide dynamic range and very stable frequency response even after subjection to high shock levels.

Looking to buy Accelerometers? Here is a partial list of scenarios for things you can do after you buy Accelerometers from Durham Instruments:

  • Low-frequency, motion, and tilt measurements
  • Flight testing
  • Road load testing
  • Transportation

Why buy an accelerometer from Durham Instruments? The accelerometer has built-in conditioning, where the sensing element and electronics are shielded, sealed, and insulated from the housing.

D-versions are available offering high thermal stability from –55 to +121°C.


Frequency range: 0 – 500 Hz

Temperature: -55 – 121 C

Weight: 8 gram

Sensitivity: 20 mV/ms^-2

Residual Noise Level in Spec Freq Range (rms): ±1.75 mg

Maximum Operational Level (peak): 10 g

Electrical connector: Integral Cable

Mounting: Strap Stud

Accessory Included: Hex Wrench

Clip/Stud/Screw included: Cap Screws, Washers

Output: Piezoresistive

Unigain: No

Triaxial: No


Applications: Modal

Unit: mV

Resonance frequency: kHz

Maximum Shock Level (± peak): 10000 g