B&K Type 4529-B-001 Triaxial CCLD Accelerometer

B&K Type 4529-B-001 Triaxial CCLD Accelerometer

The family of Triaxial CCLD Accelerometer Type 4529 replaces the extremely popular Type 4506 family, using the same flexible mounting accessories to save set‐up time and ensure accurate local coordination.


  • Multi‐purpose test applications due to a high dynamic range
  • Multi‐channel modal and structural analysis measurements
  • On‐road test


Frequency range: 0.3 – 12800 Hz

Temperature: -60 – 125 C

Weight: 14.5 gram

Sensitivity: 1 mV/ms^-2

Residual Noise Level in Spec Freq Range (rms):  ±mg

Maximum Operational Level (peak): 710 g

Electrical connector: 4-pin

Mounting: Clip

Clip/Stud/Screw included: Clip

Output: CCLD

Unigain: No

Triaxial: Yes


Applications: Miniature, Modal

Unit: mV

Resonance frequency: X39-Y19-Z19 kHz

Maximum Shock Level (± peak): 5100 g